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CT lawmakers looking to ban powdered alcohol

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Lawmakers trying to ban powdered alcohol (Source: WFSB) Lawmakers trying to ban powdered alcohol (Source: WFSB)

Many people really don't know what powdered alcohol is, as it is still very new.

However, there are others who seem to be quickly forming an opinion of the substance.

All you do is add water and shake. Within seconds you have a cocktail ready to drink.

The creator of powdered alcohol, called “Palcohol,” said it is perfect for those who want an adult beverage that is a lot lighter to carry, rather than heavy bottles.

“I think it's kind of ridiculous,” said Kristyn Vilcinskas, of Newington.

Vilcinskas said she has two teenagers and she feels that powdered alcohol would be too accessible for children, which seems to be the main reason some lawmakers want to ban it.

"Currently you have to have bottles and when you are a youth and easy access that way could be tough - tough to hide it but if you got a pouch in your pocket and you add water and it looks like flavored water,” said State Sen. Mike MacLachlin (R-Danbury).

Powdered alcohol is already banned in five states, including Vermont, and six others are considering a ban, such as New York and Rhode Island.

"It can absolutely be masked as anything - orange juice, apple juice - anything. That's terrible. They should definitely do something about that - they should not allow that to come out,” said Oliver Brown, of Bloomfield.

There is also concern that some could use this to spike drinks, and even snort it, which is only fueling the opposition against it.

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