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Toddler saved after 101 minutes of CPR

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Gardell Martin. (CBS photo) Gardell Martin. (CBS photo)

It almost became a tragedy.

A 22-month-old Pennsylvania boy is making a miraculous recovery after he was found face down in a creek.

He's still alive because of the tireless work of doctors.

Little Gardell Martin is smiling again, something his mother believes is a miracle.

"Every day is progress,” said Rose Martin, Gardell's mother.

Gardell was playing with his siblings last week behind their home when he disappeared.

A neighbor eventually found him face down in a nearby creek without a pulse.

Emergency crews and then doctors performed CPR on him for nearly two hours.

"Right before we did one last pulse check and Dr. Lambert and I were checking pulse simultaneously and we looked at each other and said he's got a pulse," said Dr. Frank Maffei.

Maffei helped save Gardell.

Hours later, Gardell regained consciousness.

His body temperature was more than 20 degrees below normal when he was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors believed his hypothermia slowed Gardell's metabolism down and protected his organs from cardiac arrest.

"In my 23 years, I have not seen an hour and 41 minutes come back to this degree of neurological recovery," Maffei said.

A week after he was rushed to the hospital, Gardell is back home now where he's talking and walking around.

"Doctors were dumbfounded themselves, and to see how close to what he was before it's just God's hand there again," Rose Martin said.

She said it's something that's truly worth smiling about.

Doctors said they detected a pulse in Gardell when they started warming his body back up.

More than 50 nurses and doctors helped revive him.

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