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Family finds scary surprise in their apples

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Imagine finding a very sharp object lodged in your apple.

Police in California are trying to figure out how dangerous objects ended up in fresh fruit.

When Can Nguyen went to bite into an apple, a sewing needle was found.

He said he chomped down on the needle, lodged inside of the apple, and took a picture as proof.

His daughter Sandra bought five apples from a local store, and when they found the one with the needle inside of it, the family still had three more uneaten.

That was until the 9-year-old daughter Hannah wanted a snack.

"Hannah was cutting into an apple on a plate, and there was another one,” said Sandra Nguyen.

The family called the store, called Albertsons, who took action right away.

A spokesperson said the honeycrisp apples were taken off of the shelves and police were called to look at surveillance video, however nothing was found.

The Nguyen's said Albertsons told them the problem may have started before the apples even made it to the store.

"We don't know where it happened is their thing, so they have to check everywhere,” said Sandra Nguyen.

This could lead back to a vendor or distributor.

Meanwhile, the family plans to cut their apples before taking a bite, at least for a while.

"It is surprising when something like that happens to you, you don't expect it to happen to you personally and actually picturing the psychology is a bit difficult,” Sandra Nguyen said.

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