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Gluten-free bakery opens at UConn

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Gluten-free bakery opens at UConn (WFSB) Gluten-free bakery opens at UConn (WFSB)

The University of Connecticut is home to Jonathan the Husky, championship basketball teams and education, but now it is home to one more thing.

It's the first school in the country to have a gluten-free kitchen.

Kristina Breuninger was a biology major at UConn, who now runs the school's gluten-free kitchen.

"I feel like my biology degree actually translates really well into baking because of the chemistry involved in it, it's very precise and I like to know the science behind what I'm doing, I think it helps me create a better product,” she said.

UConn has the second largest dining program in the country, but everything made in the students in the special kitchen are made for students who eat gluten-free.

"You have to avoid wheat, barley and rye, and what people don't realize is, if you start looking at labels, wheat, barley and rye is in a lot of packaged products if you go to the grocery store,” said Robert Landolphi, UConn manager of culinary development, who has also written three books on gluten-free cooking.

"They wanted brownies, they wanted chocolate chip cookies, they wanted Rice Krispies treats, birthday cakes (and) around the holidays they want pies,” he said.

They are baking more than thousands of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and Rice Krispies treats each week.

"We have such a diverse range of students on our campus and I feel like we're really reaching out to a group that has sort of been neglected up until this point,” Breuninger said.

The gluten-free kitchen is open three days per week, but with the growing demand from students that will likely change soon.

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