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12 arrested after MA beach brawl involving a hundred

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Witnesses described it as a beach brawl in involving a hundred people.

According to police, at least 12 people were arrested after a fight on Massachusetts' Revere Beach, which is just north of Boston.

“It was a bit of a frenzy,” said Tyler Wade, an eyewitness.

“It was pandemonium,” said Nick Stevenson, an eyewitness. “It was really crazy. We had to back up. We were scared."

Witnesses said the brawl turned Mother's Day into mayhem.

"Somebody stole a purse,” Stevenson said. “Someone got arrested. It was as soon as the police handled someone that everybody would go insane."

"Two liter bottles of soda were being thrown and full cans of soda also being thrown,” Wade said. “It just kept building and building and more people getting upset about their friends getting taken into custody."

Stevenson said he and his friends came to the beach to escape the heat and have a good time. He said they had no idea they were walking into chaos.

"Two girls were fighting with each other, and they both got arrested and another girl came and punched a cop in the face,” Stevenson said. "Everyone should be with their mother's celebrating and they're here fighting? Throwing bottles at the cops? Especially after what happened in Baltimore."

With the violence and crowd turning on police, officers from all cities and all directions to help.

They said arrests were made and eventually the crowds went away.

Still, as summer approaches, many people said they were left on edge.

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