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Dog sings in honor of fallen canines

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Many times throughout the year, people are reminded to honor and thank fallen heroes and veterans who have served to fight for the country's freedom.

One dog in Wyoming is raising a voice to honor the canines who have also served along with the men and women of the U.S.

"They're soldiers too, and they fight just as much as we do," said Moe Disney-Griffitts, owner of Belle. "They're definitely unsung heroes, that's for sure."

Belle is not an ordinary Great Dane.

She loves tug of war, long walks, romping around with her brother and sister and giving hugs.

What makes the 125 pound dog extra extraordinary is her love for the country and those who fought for it.

Now, the K9s have someone to sing for them.

"While I sing for our fallen heroes she sings along for the canine fallen heroes," Disney-Griffitts said.

When Belle wears her American flag bandana, she knows she has a job to do.

"And she simply goes into that job,” Disney-Griffitts said. “It's her duty. I think she feels."

She may only be 2-years-old, but she's wise beyond her years, according to her owner.

"She was a puppy and just would follow me to my little studio at home, and instead of jumping up and down and making a fuss, she started humming along and whining along, and before we knew it we had her singing along with me every time I sang," Disney-Griffitts said.

So Disney-Griffitts said she sings with Bell in honor of fallen heroes, both human and canine.

"I also noticed when she started singing with me that we couldn't forget our canine warriors because throughout history in area theater of war, they have been there along and often long with their trainers,” Disney-Griffitts said. “The way that she has helped with the Wyoming fallen heroes, is just being kind of a shiny spot in all the sadness."

Disney-Griffitts and Belle sang at a Freedom Ride in Gillette on Saturday and they plan to honor veterans at other memorials in Wyoming throughout the summer.

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