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5G smartphone speeds may be coming to a phone near you

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A lightning speed 5G connection may be coming to a phone near you.

Nokia Networks said it has developed the fastest cell phone network ever, but many are questioning how much it'll cost the consumer.

Nokia said it tentatively plans to launch the network by 2020.

It said 5G is 40 times the speed of the current 4G.

When released, 5G is expected to let people stream what's called 8K video in 3D with detailed pictures that are 16 times clearer than full high definition video.

Instead of waiting six minutes to download a 3D movie, it will only take six seconds.

However, if the current state of cell phone service rates are any indication, customers can expect to pay a pretty penny for 5G.

The average monthly cell phone bill was $51 per month in 2007. In 2013, that amount increased 50 percent to $76. By 2019, networking company Cisco predicts it will grow by $43 to be $119 per month.

Nokia said it is testing the new network by using super high radio frequencies. It said cell phones will have to be redesigned to accommodate them.

Tech experts expect that it may be worth it. Speeds of at least 100 megabits per second would increase network capacity 10,000-fold.

It would also help consumers communicate in an era where users are increasingly hungry for broadband.

Experts said current phones, like the newest iPhone, cannot accept signals that high. However, that could change one day as radio frequency chips become more inclusive of higher bands.

Installing new cell phone towers is also not practical, so networking companies will look into the possibility of beaming signals from phone to phone. It would be an alternative to phones connecting with a tower.

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