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Pilot snags power lines, crashes plane and lives to tell the tale

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A veteran pilot walked away with only minor injuries after crashing his single-engine airplane into some power lines.

It happened south of the Casselton Airport in North Dakota.

William Dittmer said he was crop dusting at the time, a job that requires low-level flying.

He said the plane went down in a muddy field near Casselton. Pieces of the plane were scattered. Debris was even seen hanging from the power lines.

"To my knowledge there's never been anyone to hit those wires out there like this,” said Robert Miller, who has been a pilot for more than 50 years.

Miller said the pilot of the crashed plane was just as experienced. Both have been crop dusters for years.

"If you're doing it just perfectly your wheels are just touching the top of the grain so you're down there with just a couple of feet," he explained.

The planes fly just low enough to make sure the chemical doesn't go where it doesn't belong.

As Miller took a camera crew over the crash site to look at the damage, he recalled having spoken to Dittmer earlier.

He said miraculously, Dittmer walked away from it all.

"I visited with him just a couple of hours ago and he was all bright and shiny and looking forward to the day," Miller said.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the highway patrol are looking into how it happened.

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