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WFSB looks into high-alkaline diet and cleanse

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WFSB looks into high-alkaline diet and cleanse (WFSB) WFSB looks into high-alkaline diet and cleanse (WFSB)

Eyewitness News looked into one of the latest diet trends that is sweeping Hollywood. It's called the high-alkaline diet and cleanse.  

Kelly Ripa recently spoke highly about the high-alkaline diet. While many of us tend to look to the stars to see what latest kicks they're on, Eyewitness News investigated whether or not the approach will work for you.  

"All that means is clean, green, healthy, organic food," Barbara Slaine said. 

Slaine is a holistic nutritionist and has been an alkaline coach for six years.

"To lose weight, and to go on an alkaline feast cleanse, or even switch to your diet to more alkaline, you will for sure lose tons of weight and naturally," Slaine said. 

However, Slaine said the high-alkaline diet goes beyond weight loss. It's more about keeping your body balanced, staying hydrated, and cutting out foods that are harmful to it such as processed foods.

"We get warning signs," Slaine said. "Our body honks and says, 'pay attention, there's something that's not right.' The aches and pains, acid reflux, headaches, your body's inflamed. It's too acidic. You want to try and start to get onto an alkaline diet." 

Ideally, high-alkaline foods include pretty much any kind of organic vegetables such as avocados as well as beans and whole grains such as quinoa and buckwheat.

The diet doesn't include meat or fruit. That's because both are considered highly acidic.

"A lot of people are suggested to stay away from that," Slaine said. "If you want to have meat, make sure that it's grass-fed, that it's organic." 

"Other people say that limited, organic berries are really, really good for you," she added.

Sea salt is also really good for you because it's not only high in alkaline, but it'll actually satisfy sugar cravings.

"Table salt is not good, but Himalyan sea salt or Redman's real salt - use it like crazy because it has a high-mineral content, and your body needs it," Slaine said. 

Some people like to go on a high-alkaline cleanse also, as a way to introduce their bodies to these foods. But, it's unlike other cleanses out there. 

"It's not just green drinks, and there's no deprivation," Slaine said. "We have smoothies, and we have soups, and chia pudding, and almond milk."

Many of the ingredients in the cleanse contain oils, minerals, and salts, which Slaine said will curb unhealthy cravings and help your body detox.

"We have options and choices in life and if we just take a moment to think about it, we can make an option that's going to be better for us," Slaine said. "They all add up in the balance of our health." 

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