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Bethany farm that saves animals in need of help

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Locket's Meadow Farm (WFSB) Locket's Meadow Farm (WFSB)

A sanctuary for abused and neglected animals in Bethany has saved hundreds of animals and now is in need of some help.

The owners have saved hundreds of farm animals over the years, but now they are asking for help from the public after one of them has been out of work.

Almost all of the animals that are saved at Locket's Meadow Farm have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Many of them have special diets and take medication.

"They are here because nobody else wanted them," said Kathleen Schurman, owner of Locket's Meadow Farm. "Everything we do goes back to into the farm, all the money goes into the farm."

On the farm there are beautiful horses that were once slated for death, for their meat.

"She was already marked to go to slaughter ... we pulled 20 horses out of that batch," Schurman said.

It costs upwards of $20,000 to run the farm for just one month, which is something the family has done for 15 years, but after Schurman's husband lost his job for a few months, they are now asking for help.

"We were going to buy the hay and grain and feed the animals but the last thing that will get paid is the mortgages and that's the problem right now," Schurman said.

Schurman said she wants to make the farm a nonprofit but the mortgage needs to be paid off to do that.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the farm, and there have been many generous people helping out.

"I read the notes that they leave and I sit there and sob over my laptop because we feel alone in this, we do this by ourselves all the time," Schurman said.

The hope is to raise $200,000, because they don't want to give up the animals.

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