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Sun lovers scoffing at skin cancer on social media

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Sun lovers scoffing at skin cancer on social media (WFSB) Sun lovers scoffing at skin cancer on social media (WFSB)

There is a bizarre trend making the round on social media.

Instagram users have been posting hash tags scoffing at skin cancer.

Some have been using hashtags saying “skin cancer here I come” or “skin cancer don't care.”

“It's very discouraging,” said Meghan Rothschild, who is a melanoma survivor.

She was just 19 years old when she discovered a suspicious mole.

Her doctor said it was probably nothing but her gut told her something wasn't right.

“I pushed and decided to have it removed. And I was diagnosed just a few weeks later that I was in stage-two melanoma,” Rothschild said.

She went from being a carefree college student to a patient battling a potentially deadly cancer.

Rothschild underwent major surgery and treatments including the removal of several lymph nodes.

“I woke up with over 75 stitches, two tubes sewn into my incisions and under my left arm. I had netting up to my neck kind of holding everything in,” Rothschild said.

She is now cancer free and works for the Melanoma Foundation of New England.

Her mission is to educate others about the dangers of skin cancer, by sharing her story which she said started with a weekly trip to the tanning salon.

“A lot of people that hear my story think that I must have been going two to three times a week really abusing it, and in reality it was about a once a week regimen,” Rothschild said.

Hartford Hospital's Dr. Robert Piorkowski said myths surrounding melanoma are rampant.

One of the biggest ones he said he hopes to combat is that young people don't get cancer.

“Young people between the ages of 25 and 30, melanoma is the number one cancer in that young age group,” Piorkowski said. “So young people can't feel comfortable thinking that they are going to come down with their cancers as they get older.”

With melanoma rates on the rise, Piorkowski said he urges everyone to take the necessary precautions

“Knowing that it is so common among young people in particular young women, to say something like cancer come at me, I don't think those people are taking into consideration the individuals who are battling a cancer diagnosis,” Piorkowski said.

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