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Hulu recreates Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for fans

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The video streaming service Hulu has recreated Jerry Seinfeld's apartment ahead of the comedian's popular sitcom's online release on Tuesday.

Starting the same day, Seinfeld fans can walk through Jerry's door to see a real-life model of the Upper Westside apartment.

One of the 90s shows' beloved characters, the "Soup Nazi," stopped by the Chelsea, NY pop-up museum to talk about the show's ability to still be relevant today.

"What 'Seinfeld' really was about was these people, the way they treat each other, the way they treat the world and, you know, the way the world treats them and it had nothing to do with the 90s or the technology or some of the other things,” said actor Larry Thomas. “It was really just about unveiling how we treat each other and stuff and that really is the same. These young kids are getting cracked up by how they acted to each other and that's kind of universal."

Thomas, who plays the Iranian character in two episodes, says he gets the most recognition for this role and he is happy to be a part of such a comedic legacy.

"The mark of good comedy is that you still laugh when you know the punch line,” he said. “So that says it's got to be good. Its goes right up there with I Love Lucy and Honeymooners. [They're] things that people can watch over and over again and still laugh. So you know, that just shows you how well they crafted this show."

As for the experience of going through the museum and seeing set pieces and different memorabilia from the iconic apartment, Thomas thinks fans will enjoy it.

"I think that subconsciously for people who watch Seinfeld, you have seen so much comedy in this setting that I think it's gonna make people walk in and laugh,” he said. “It's gotta have some kind of reaction like that."

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