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MasterCard lets users take 'selfie' to shop online

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MasterCard lets users take 'selfie' to shop online (WFSB) MasterCard lets users take 'selfie' to shop online (WFSB)

Selfies are common nowadays, but soon the selfie could be used to help people purchase things online.

Before purchasing something online usually a password is required.

“Every human being I’ve talked to is tired of passwords,” said Bob Reany of MasterCard.

That’s why MasterCard is now testing facial recognition technology that could be used to check out for some popular online retailers like Amazon.

“It’s a safer way to prove that you’re the person that’s using the card,” said Jazzlyn Swerdlick.

Reany said things like beards, smiles, and hair styles don’t come into play. Instead, the app focuses on other parts of the user’s face.

“There’s a whole lot of math going on in this thing. Most of the measurements are around your nose, your eyes,” Reany said.

“I think I’d be willing to try it,” said Patti Specter.

The facial software works in conjunction with the user’s bank app.

When the user wants to buy something, the site automatically sends a notification to the user’s phone about the purchase, similar to a breaking news alert or weather alert.

“It’s going to ask you, are you making this purchase,” Reany said.

Once the user verifies the purchase, the app will require the selfie.

“When you blink, we capture your picture and we process your picture against your enrolled picture,” Reany said.

In order to use the software, users will have to enroll with their bank. The picture will be used to automatically create a unique algorithm to verify users' identities. Once that happens, MasterCard said the picture is destroyed.

“It’s fun. It’s a cool way to shop. You just see the picture right on the screen and that’s you and you can buy whatever you want,” Swerdlick said.

The app would work with all of the smartphones including the iPhone and Android.

For now, the technology is only being tested for online shopping. MasterCard is testing the technology across the country, and we could see it roll out at some point within the next year.

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