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98-year-old says golf keeps him young

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Eddie Stefanik says golf has kept him young (WFSB) Eddie Stefanik says golf has kept him young (WFSB)

A 98-year-old Bristol man said the game of golf is what has helped keep him young, but his teammates said it is his attitude that makes all the difference.

It is clear Eddie Stefanik still doesn’t like using the “senior” golf tee’s at Bristol’s Chippanee Golf Club, even though he is in fact a senior.

"Almost 39 years older than us, so we look at him as being an inspiration for us down the road, so we can hopefully play at 99,” said Stefanik’s golf partner Richard Tucker.

In two months Stefanik will turn 99 years old.

"I just keep moving and breathing I guess,” he said, adding that he started golfing when he was just 11 and joined Chippanee in 1953.

He has collected seven holes-in-one along the way, shared a round with former pro golfer Chi-Chi Rodriguez, all while running a hardware store for more than 40 years, supporting a wife and three children.

"It’s a great, great sport, and when you hit the ball you feel good,” he said, even though he gets upset when he hits a shot he doesn’t like.

But, his partners will tell you there’s no luck here, just a great view of the game, and life.

"I think his strength has nothing to do with golf, it's his attitude. He still thinks he can do it, and if you think you can do it, there's nothing stopping you,” Tucker said.

The retiree league recently decided to change their name to the Stefanik Senior League, all in honor of their greatest inspiration.

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