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Firefighters warn residents to be cautious when lighting legal fireworks at home

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While fireworks displays are planned all across the state, many people are planning on lighting some off in their backyards, but experts said you must be careful because even, illegal fireworks can be dangerous. 

The National Fire Protection Association said 7,000 people were injured by fireworks last year,  just in June and July. 

But, anyone who is lighting fireworks off themselves, even fireworks as small as sparklers, could still be hazardous since the metal and sparks can reach temperatures of 1200 degrees.

"Glass melts at 975 degrees, wood burns at 575 degrees, water boils at 210 degrees," West Hartford’s Fire Inspector John Kupernick said. 

 Kupernick helped showed Eyewitness News what are proper fireworks to use and which ones you can purchase legally.  

Any firework that shoots into the sky with a “bang” is illegal to handle yourself, according to Kupernick.  

"If they're not set on stable ground they could fall over and if they fall over they could fire off into the crowd and injure people," Kupernick said. 

For those lighting off legal fireworks at home, he said you should keep the crowd far enough away, so if they fall over nobody will get hurt.

Also, you should cover your arms and eyes to shield from sparks, and always have a bucket of water ready for safe disposal.  

If you're caught with illegal items it could mean fines, and possible jail time.

Kupernick said your best bet is to forego the backyard show all together for one of the big planned town celebrations. For complete list of fireworks around the state, click here

"I'd rather go see them than do the work of lighting them myself," Brian Galligan, of West Hartford, said.

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