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East Haven siblings died after being given lethal dose of antihistamine

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A brother and sister, who were found dead in an East Haven home in June, were poisoned by their mother, who used something that many people have in their cabinets, according to a medical examiner’s report.

On June 2, police received a frantic 911 call from a friend of LeRoya Moore that she "was going to kill herself," and had locked herself inside her home at 541 Strong St. 

Upon arrival, officers noticed a strong smell of natural gas. The officers found the children's 36-year-old mother outside the residence with "apparent injuries to her arm."

Inside the home, they said they found the bodies of a 5-year-old Aleisha Moore and her 7-year-old brother Daaron Moore. Investigators said they believe the bodies had been in the home for at least 24 hours.

The brother and sister were found lying on a blanket inside of their home, which had a strong smell of natural gas.

While walking through the house, officers found a note near the children's feet, allegedly signed by LeRoya Moore.

According to the arrest warrant, when the officer asked Moore where the children were, she said "I stabbed them, I released them."  

However, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner declared both Aleisha and Daaron’s died of acute intoxication of diphenhydramine. The results released on Wednesday said their deaths were homicides.   

At first, the deaths of the two children were treated as suspicious. Following their investigation, police charged Moore with two counts of murder and three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment. 

Diphenhydramine is a common anti-histamine found in over the counter medication such as Benadryl and sleeping aids.

"This drug is commonly found in over the counter products, in cold preparation, hay fever, sleep medication,” said Bernard Sangalli with the Connecticut Poison Control Center.

Sangalli talked with Eyewitness News about the drugs found in the kids’ system.

"It’s difficult to achieve a toxic dose unless you're deliberately trying to do so,” Sangalli said. "Otherwise, you'd have to mask it in order to provide enough of a dose to cause this problem.”

In the arrest warrantpolice said "there were also some sleeping medications located in the first floor living room on the couch in the same area where the children were located."

After searching the entire house, the warrant states they found "46 bottles and or boxes of various over the counter and prescription medications were found within the residence. These medications included, but were not limited to sleep aids, prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants."

"We always like to refer to the fact that the dose makes the poison,” Sangalli said. "Once you exceed the recommend dosages, you run the risk of side effects, to toxic effects to lethality."

 LeRoya Moore is being held on $2 million. She's due back in court later this month.

No further information was released by East Haven Police Department. They continue to investigate the case with the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Unit and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

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