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Enfield town manager was surprised by Hallmark's decision to leave town

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Hallmark (Hallmark Facebook page) Hallmark (Hallmark Facebook page)

The town manager in Enfield said he was surprised when he heard about Hallmark’s decision to shut its doors and move to Missouri.

Town Manager Matthew Coppler said he wasn’t given any warning about the decision but said this could have an impact on businesses and the entire town.

“Shocked just like many of the employees that worked there,” Coppler said.

Hallmark has been part of Enfield for 62 years, but the town and its employees will be saying goodbye to one of Hallmark’s largest distribution facility.

Earlier this week, the company announced it was shutting down its facility and shipping 400 of those jobs to its Liberty, Mo. facility.

The company said the move will save money and help it streamline its operations.

“Our largest concern is about the employees. Many of their 570 employees are town of Enfield residents,” Coppler said.

The town said it is already working with several organizations and Hallmark to ensure the hundreds of impacted employees get the help they need to find other jobs.

The company said the employees who choose not to reapply for their jobs in Missouri will get a severance package.

“They're a top 10 employer in terms of jobs and they're probably a top five in terms of taxable value,” Coppler said.

Even those who don’t work for Hallmark will see the impact because many of the employees are residents, and Coppler said he believes other businesses may indirectly see a decline in revenue as well.

“They may change their spending habits and Enfield is kind of a regional shopping and entertainment area so it could have an impact on the businesses,” Coppler said.

It is too soon to tell if that will impact town services.

“It's not going to have an impact this year at all to us. Going into next year budget we may have to look at that and take it into consideration but that's assuming we're not successful in getting it filled,” he said.

The company is expecting to close its doors by the end of next June.

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