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San Antonio man gets trapped in a Fedex store for hours

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A bizarre story involving a San Antonio man trapped inside a closed Fedex store for hours.

Chris Galvan tried making last minute copies. By the time he was done, the store closed and he was locked inside for hours!  

A few hours later it would become what he called one of the strangest experiences of his life.

 “I got stuck last night,” Galvan said.

On Saturday night, Galvan would become another kind of 'cast away.'

“I walked in right before it closed and they didn't see or know that I was there,” Galvan said.

Galvan said he came here intending to make prints and copies, with his work done he headed for the counter.

“Nobody was there, so I kept yelling hello,” Galvan said. “And I realized the doors were locked and nobody was there.”

So he called a location he knew was open 24-hours, he was told a manager would be coming to the store to get him out.

“I knew that I had to pass the time,” Galvan said.

Before FedEx could deliver his freedom from the retail prison, Galvan said he delivered a delightful series of status updates on Facebook.

“I am stuck inside FedEx,” Galvan said. “Quite possibly the strangest experience of my I'm just chilling in a FedEx office all by myself.”

Galvan said he may have been chill about the experience but, he says, the manager who finally let him out, two hours later at 11pm, was anything but chill.

“She just said 'get out' and I said 'ok, thank you very much,'” Galvan said.

For its part FedEx said, through a statement, in part, it's investigating the issue, and apologized for the inconvenience caused to the customer.

For the man who absolutely, positively did not want to be here overnight, he left a little wiser.

“You better make sure that when you go into a store, let them know you're there,” Galvan said.

In its statement FedEx said it would take any necessary corrective action to prevent anything like this from happening again.

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