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Washington Buffalo Wild Wings open beer honors fallen soldiers

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This beer with a fresh lime each day sits atop a bar in Washington State. (CNN) This beer with a fresh lime each day sits atop a bar in Washington State. (CNN)
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An open beer now sits as a permanent fixture atop a bar in Washington State as a tribute to fallen United States Troops.

The addition to the Buffalo Wild Wings bar in Tacoma started with a quiet, compassionate conversation. Then, a picture of the beer and the story attached to it quickly went viral.

"I like making Mojitos, jack and cokes,” Brian Avy, who is a bartender at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, said. “I like pouring beer."

Every good bartender knows the key to success isn't just a good pour.

"I'm a good listener,” Avy said.

It’s about lending an ear and making a connection.

"So they open up and they get what they wanna tell you out,” Avy said.

Avy did just that on Thursday.

“A lady had come in and she ordered herself two beverages and I said ‘we only can do one due to like liquor laws and stuff,’” Avy said. “And then she explained to me that the Corona was for her brother, who had fallen in Iraq, so she sat here with the Corona and had her lunch with the Corona sitting there."

When it came time to close out the tab Avy explained the Corona was on the house. The mystery woman left behind a note that read "Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way, and it means a lot to me. Signed, grateful soldiers"

"I just couldn't dump out a fallen soldier's beer,” Avy said. “I mean if someone else wanted to do it they could, but I wasn't going to be the one."

After reading that note, Avy said he made a decision.

"If he could give his life for this country, we can give that beer a permanent place at the Buffalo,” Avy said.

With his manager's permission, Avy said he placed the Corona next to an American flag on display at the bar

"He said its fine, leave it there and just put a fresh lime in it every morning,” Avy said.

He took a picture of the beer and receipt and then, shared it on Facebook.

"Couple of hours in to the night it was at a hundred likes,” Avy said. “I was like 'whoa crazy.'"

That simple act of kindness has been shared nearly 100,000 times and the calls began pouring in. People from all around the world saying thank you.

"That beer's standing. We're not getting rid of that beer,” Avy said.  "That beer is for a fallen soldier who protected our country."

Avy explained his actions.

"Think about someone else's pain, might be a little more than what you're dealing with at the time,” Avy said. “And I don't even know how much pain she was in, it just felt like the right thing to do."

Employees at the restaurant want the woman to come forward so they can thank her for her brother's service.

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