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Mom left baby in hot car at Norwalk gym, twice

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Hiroko Kurihara (Norwalk police) Hiroko Kurihara (Norwalk police)

Tragedy was averted on Wednesday, a hot summer day, when a 4-month-old’s cries for help were heard through the rolled up windows of an SUV.

Police said a mother went to Crunch Gym on Wednesday to work out, twice.

Hiroko Kurihara, 46, brought her baby both times and left the child in the car with the windows rolled up.

All of this happened at a gym that had a daycare inside of the same building.

“It's terrible, terrible...How can you do that to a baby,” said gym member Camila Petrovich.

Gym members said they are questioning the parenting skills of Kurihara after her baby had to be rescued from the SUV inside of the Crunch Gym garage.

“I'm a nanny, so I know what can happen. The baby can die in the car,” Petrovich said.

“Everyone is like 'why did she do that, who is that’,” said gym member Janine Machliner.

Temperatures hit the mid-80s on Wednesday and police said Kurihara left the baby for about half an hour.

“It was a hot day yesterday, it could've died, no air. I mean, did she leave the window open? Anyone could've broken in the car,” Machliner said.

An alert gym member is being credited for the rescue after police said she heart faint cries coming from the SUV.

She searched for several minutes before seeing the baby.

Firefighters were able to get in the car, just as Kurihara was finishing her workout.

Investigators then learned Kurihara gambled with her child’s life earlier that day when she went to Crunch Gym for about an hour.

Gyms members said they are wondering why she didn’t use the daycare services that are offered just feet away at a discount to Crunch Gym members.

“It's right down here, it's on the first's here. I don't understand it,” Machliner said.

The child is expected to be okay.

Kurihara is out on bond and will face a judge next week.

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