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Gun-firing drone video may have been produced in CT

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Gun-firing drone video may have been produced in CT (WFSB) Gun-firing drone video may have been produced in CT (WFSB)

A video has surfaced showing a gun-firing drone that has sparked a federal investigation.

Police said the video was posted by a teenager in Clinton and now three agencies are investigating trying to determine if the teen also built the contraption.

This type of armed technology is usually reserved for military operations.

The 14 second YouTube video has gone viral and shows a drone firing off four gunshots with no finger pulling a trigger.

“The next to last thing we need is guns that people can send flying around. There's no accountability for it. Someone can be flying this thing from God knows where,” said Michael Ruscoe of Milford.

The YouTube clip was posted about one week ago with the caption “homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it.”
That video has more than 800,000 views.

“There should be a ton of protocol on that, so any random kid in the backyard can't equip a drone with a weapon,” said Mike Behan of Madison.

The person who uploaded the video of the modified drone is 18-year-old Austin Haughwout, who is the same person who posted a video from Hammonasset Beach last year showing an altercation between him and another woman.

On Friday, Haughwout's dad said his son created the drone with his Central Connecticut State University professor as part of a project.

He also said his son searched the laws and made sure he wasn't breaking any before building it.

Clinton police, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are all investigating, trying to determine if the teen invented the contraption and if he violated any federal laws.

The FAA will also work with its law enforcement partners to determine if there were any violations of criminal statutes.

“We see what people say on the internet when they can hide behind anonymity, but when someone can fire a gun and not be accountable for it, that just brings it to a whole different level,” Ruscoe said.

While federal agencies look into the legality, police said there are no state laws that cover this.

Haughwout did not return requests for comment.

Mobile users can watch the YouTube video by clicking here.

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