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Hartford sees spike in violence over the weekend

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Barbour Street shooting on Sunday Barbour Street shooting on Sunday

Hartford has seen a disturbing spike in violence over the weekend. 

Since Saturday morning, one man was shot and killed and five others were injured after being shot. 

The latest shooting happened Sunday evening and police are still looking for the gunmen. 

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said Hartford needs help and it needs it right now. 

"It's my primary responsibility to keep our community safe and secure," Segarra said. 

Hartford Police Officer Mark Manson scooped up a shell casing off the paving on Barbour Street. He's part of the Hartford Shooting Task Force that's been unbelievably busy. 

On Sunday, a 16-year-old boy was shot int he elbow near Judson Street. Police said the victim was arrested last month on a gun charge and actually survived being shot in the chest last year. 

There has already been 18 murders in Hartford this year compared with 19 in all of 2014.

On Monday, Segarra will meet with Connecticut leaders to talk about what additional resources the state can give Hartford in this time of need. 

"Don't look for your politicians to send you any help. They aren't going to send you any help, we have to start looking to each other for help," said Reverend Henry Brown.

Political leaders aren't the only people talking about the violence. People like Reverend Henry Brown have been attending vigils like this one in Honor of Marcus McDade, a father of six who was gunned down on Wednesday. Brown said regular people need to step up too. 

Both Segarra and police leaders said the joint Shooting Task Force desperately needs more resources because it's been cut down by budget cuts in recent years. 

The details of meeting between Segarra and state leaders is still being worked out, but the mayor will talk about the results sometime on Monday.

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