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Vets urge owners not to forget pets during extreme heat

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With hot weather continuing on Tuesday, veterinarians are urging people not to forget their pets.

As a matter of fact, it takes a mere 20 minutes for a vehicle to reach 109 degrees when it's 90 outside.

They said caring for pets goes beyond putting out cool, fresh water.

Rowan the dog may be panting a bit more and getting fewer walks, but her owner said she's happy because she's cool.

"A couple times I’ve tried to get her out really early in the morning, between 7:30, 8:00," said Jennifer Parker of Wethersfield. "It’s hot but manageable.” 

Veterinarian Kristin Havier said a pet's age and health are important when remembering to care for them on sweltering days.

"Especially if they are older, overweight, if they have respiratory disease, those pets are best to stay inside because they don’t tolerate the heat very well,” she said.

Vets offered some ways to keep their pets healthy and happy during the summer heat.

  • Skip walks when there's high heat and humidity.
  • Keep animals inside when the air conditioning is on, if possible.
  • Not all dogs are good swimmers, so don't leave them alone near pools or ponds.
  • If you live in a tall building, make sure windows have screens in them.

Vets also reminded people not to leave their animals in vehicles. They said even rolling down the window a bit doesn't help very much.

"It’s just as dangerous as leaving your children in the car so that’s one main thing you want to avoid," Havier said. “It’s best to have someone in the car with the pet with the air conditioning on.”

If animals have thick coats, getting them groomed is also a good way to keep them cool.

"A lot of them have a lot of undercoat," said Maria Garzzara of My Doggie Castle. "You want to get that undercoat out of there let their skin breathe.”

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