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Bear snags 20 pounds of dog food, enters food coma on man's lawn

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A bear in Florida went into someone’s garage, ate part of a 20 pound bag of dog food and fell asleep on the front lawn.

One neighbor in Seminole County took photos of the ordeal.

Bob Cross of Lake Mary said he normally gets calls from his neighbors to catch nuisance critters.

On Saturday, however, he said he got quite the unusual call from the lady next door.

“There was big bear in her backyard,” said Art Fischer, a resident. “That's a big bear!” Fischer said. “That's a huge bear.”

When Cross rounded the corner, he knew he was going to leave this animal alone.

As he got closer, he snapped pictures.

In them, the bear is clearly having dinner with a 20 pound bag of dog food it had dragged from a nearby garage. The bear brought to the shade of a tree.

After several minutes of watching from a safe distance, Cross said he couldn’t keep the camera still because he started laughing.

The bear, like a person who has eaten too much, was tossing and turning.

“[It] repositioned three or four times and stretched out,” Fischer said. “It just laid there.”

Eventually, the animal dozed off.

On the side of the dog food bag, teeth marks can be seen. It was successful when it opened the brand new bag from back.

“I can hardly lift that, that's pretty heavy,” Fischer said.

Fischer said he didn’t want it coming back for seconds, so he grabbed the leftovers and put the rest in his locked garage.

Cross and his neighbors said they hope once bear hunting season opens on Oct. 1, the hungry bear doesn’t get caught.

“They were here before we were,” Fischer said.

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