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Apartments in Middletown infested with bats

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Bat droppings found in Middletown apartment. (WFSB) Bat droppings found in Middletown apartment. (WFSB)

An apartment complex in Middletown is infested with bats and there is nothing that staff and tenants could do about these animals for the next few weeks.

Eyewitness News saw bat droppings on the window sill at an unit at the Birchwood Apartments after visiting the complex on Tuesday. 

Azure Smikle told Eyewitness News she started seeing bat poop in late May. Smikle said she was disgusted, but not afraid. However, that changed when she walked into her hallway, a few days ago.

"I saw something with wings, a  large wing span," Smikle said. 

Smikle said she knew right away it was a bat and it didn't look a thing like the superhero her son loves so much. 

"You know I don't want them to get tangled up in my hair or nothing, so I said when I walk out I need to put on a hat," Smikle said. 

Smikle sent Eyewitness News a picture of a bat hanging and sleeping outside the apartment. Despite all the excrement on her window sills, believe it or not in some ways Smikle is lucky.

"I see two bats flying everywhere it's ridiculous because they fly real fast,"   Wascar Rodriguez, of Middletown, said. 

Rodriguez said bats were actually in his living room and he had to use his pillow case to get rid of them.

"I had to hit it and it came down to the floor and I grabbed it," Rodriguez said. "I did this into a ball and then I had to go downstairs and throw it out by hand." 

The bats presence is known almost as soon as a person goes through the front door of the complex. Eyewitness News could actually hear them squeaking above and spotted their droppings on the stones out front of the building.  

Eyewitness News talked with the buildings property manager. She admitted it's a problem, but she said there's nothing she can do. 

The property manager said the Middletown Department of Health advised them not to remove the bats until August when their breeding season ends. 

"I don't feel like anybody should be living with animals inside their house like that," Smikle said. 

The department of health said that's true, but based on the complaints raised by this story they will investigate again because the situation appears be worse. Smikle and Rodriguez said hope they move quickly. 

"I would like to live in a clean place," Smikle said.

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