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Experts show ways to save data

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Experts show ways to save data (WFSB) Experts show ways to save data (WFSB)

There are numerous ways consumers can use up their monthly cell phone data, from using apps and GPS to streaming videos.

However, there are some easy solutions users can take to prevent overage fees and to keep their batteries from draining. 

Micheal Serrano of Manchester knows all too well just how easy it is to rack up data usage. 

“I was supposed to be paying like 93 a month, and then out of nowhere my bill came up to 200 a month. I used too much YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram. I never knew it was going to charge me,” Serrano said.

Many people don’t even realize how much data is being used when they’re not even touching their device.

Manny Rivera from the MD Tech Team in Manchester has lots of tips and tricks to reduce the amount of data that is being downloaded. He recommends to find a WI-FI network whenever possible.

“Your device is going to perform that much faster. You're not going to use any data,” Rivera said.

Often times, cell phone users may be leaving apps running in the background of their phones without even realizing. Rivera recommends to take the time to properly close all apps that aren’t in use.

“iPhone you would double click your home button and scroll up to close the apps. Android actually has an app called app killer which will close all the non-essential apps in the background,” said Rivera.

Another tip is for consumers to decide which apps they find most important to refresh automatically when not in use, especially apps with push alerts. IPhone users can control which apps are refreshing in the background, however Kyle Reyes of The Silent Partner Marketing knows some may not like the idea of getting immediate updates.

“People want the ability to access their data, their information, when they want it, where they want it,” Reyes said.

Reyes also highlighted how easily audio and video streaming can drive up data usage.

“With YouTube you can actually reduce the resolution of the videos that you're watching. So if you're watching things in 4k...most phones don't even process 4,” Reyes said.

When it comes to a phone’s GPS, determining a user’s location can take a big chunk out of monthly data. Rivera explained how the iPhone keeps track of the past five places visited, a feature that many don’t even know is on.

“You can cancel out certain location services that can be draining your data via GPS,” Rivera said.

More than one-third of American cell phone users prefer to go online using their phones, versus their desktop or laptop computers. Experts such as Rivera say to think twice about data usage, and create a baseline for ordinary use.

Music streaming service Pandora allows you to control the audio quality if you have a paid account. By changing the quality, you can save on data usage. By paying a small fee, you could save in overage fees.

Facebook has a feature that auto-plays videos as users scroll through their news-feed. You can disable these settings within the app.   

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