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Lizards are on the lam in Meriden

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Lizards are on the lam in Meriden (submitted) Lizards are on the lam in Meriden (submitted)

Lizards are on the loose in Meriden.

At least two iguanas have been spotted roaming the city streets, by both adults and 10-year-old Ariana Engelhard.

"It was about 3 feet and it was big, green and it had like these red scales coming from its back and the tail was, like a grayish,” she said.

On Monday afternoon, an iguana was spotted in a backyard on Windsor Avenue in Meriden.

"I went to go get the soccer ball and all of a sudden it swung at me and cut my leg,” Engelhard said.

Homeowner Carmine Molarella even saw it and said they chased the iguana behind the garage, where it climbed up a vine, into a tree and then it was gone after a few hours.

To make matters even more puzzling, the police said it isn’t the first recent reptile report.

Another lizard was spotted on June 26 at Hubbard Park, and then a few days later in July another one was found near Lewis Avenue and Foster Street.

Followed by the most recent sighting on Monday, the animal control officer said the second and third sighting could be the same reptile.

"I thought she was joking, I'm like, ‘there's no lizards around here’ and it sure was,” Molarella said.

Whether there is one or two, they may have been pets that got too big and were set free.

Officials said anyone who sees a lizard should call the police. The reptiles have sharp teeth and temperamental tails.

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