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Power companies urge customers to 'wait 'til 8'

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The state’s power companies are urging its customers to “wait ‘til 8” to use their large appliances.

Energize Connecticut, an initiative to educate customers about smart energy choices, said by doing so during this heat wave, customers can have a positive impact on air quality and the cost of electricity.

"If you can put off running the dishwasher, running the washer or dryer till after 8:00 at night during the evening hours that will relieve some of the strain on the electric grid that typically occurs these hot summer days," said Mitch Gross, Eversource's spokesman.

As of Thursday, the state saw an official heat wave after experiencing temperatures of 90 degrees for three days in a row.

The group said controlling power use during peak demand periods minimizes the use of expensive fossil fuel power plants.

Peak periods are when homes, offices and schools tend to use the most electricity. They’re generally weekdays between noon and 8 p.m.

Energize Connecticut said to meet the demand, additional power plants are needed to stand ready to operate if needed.

The plants operate generators that burn fossil fuel and produce harmful emissions. The group said the greatest impact on air quality happens during the high peak periods.

The group said that the cost to build, operate and maintain the extra power plants is included in everyone’s electric rates. Since the units only operate a few hours each day, the cost per unit of electricity can be very expensive.

Energize Connecticut offered these tips on reducing demand:

  • Increase the temperature on air conditioners.
  • Run pool pumps early in the day or later in the evening.
  • Using dishwashers and laundry machines early in the morning or later in the evening
  • Water lawns in the evening because the pumps that move water use a lot of electricity.

Energize Connecticut said it partnered with the Eversource and United Illuminating power companies.

For more information on the “wait ‘til 8” campaign, click here.

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