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Bushnell Park goers want the trash cleaned up

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Bushnell Park goers want the trash cleaned up (WFSB) Bushnell Park goers want the trash cleaned up (WFSB)

Bushnell Park is a place hundreds of people enjoy in downtown Hartford on a daily basis, but some have called the pond area “disgusting.”

It is filled with garbage bags, cans and even solo cups, and people who use the area are fed up.

“It's kind of grungy most of the time, could be a lot better if they kept up with it," said Lindsay Mendenhall, who works in Hartford.

On Wednesday, many people were in the park during lunch, trying to enjoy some time away from the office. However, trash surrounding the park’s pond was obvious.

“I like to come out during my lunch hour and get out of the office and it's not nice to come out and see trash everywhere," Mendenhall said.

Hartford’s Department of Public Works is in charge of the park. Bushnell Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s and many people love the atmosphere but wish more could be done to clean up the trash.

“I do sometimes see the pond is a little dirty and it's a little unfortunate because clean water is essential to people enjoying public space especially in the city," said Ian Yue, who works in Hartford.

The Department of Public Works said it is tough keeping up with the trash especially if it is a windy day, but they do clean up the area every day.

Officials said crews will be sent to the pond area on Wednesday to clean up and will be there on Thursday morning to pump water into the pond. They usually rely on rain to fill up the pond.

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