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Movie theater shooting hits close to home

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Movie theater shooting hits close to home (WFSB) Movie theater shooting hits close to home (WFSB)

It was the second time in less than one month that someone has walked into a movie theater with weapons and violent intentions.

Now some people are asking for increased security at the cinema.

On Wednesday, the violence didn’t stop people from going to Metro Movies in Middletown, but movie-goers said the latest incident makes them think about what should happen next.

The shooting happened at a theater in Antioch, Tennessee on Wednesday afternoon.

While that theater is about 1,000 miles away from Middletown, people said it still hits home with movie-goers everywhere.

“It's not cool that you have to think twice about going out to a movie,” said Garrett Rice Earl. “You want a take a date or something and you have to worry about getting shot.”

Nashville police said 29-year-old Vicente Montano fired a realistic looking air soft pistol into a movie theater showing Mad Max: Fury Road.

Eventually police killed Montano after he fired at officers.

“I think any place where people cluster you might get crazy people trying to hurt somebody,” said Sally Ross of Middletown.

This is the second violent act in a movie theater in less than a month.

In July a 58-year-old man opened fire at a Lafayette, Louisiana cinema. He killed two people and injured eight before turning the gun on himself.

“It’s not good. I definitely feel concerned,” Earl said.

He added that the fact that Montano allegedly smuggled the air soft pistol, along with a hatchet, in to the theater so easily has convinced him that theaters need to look into enhancing their security.

“It definitely has to be thought about seriously especially if it continues,” Earl said.

However, not everyone agrees.

Even after these latest incidents, along with the Aurora, Colorado shooting in 2012 that killed a dozen people, Sally Ross believes the problems go far deeper than movie theater security.

“It's very upsetting that people have access to guns who shouldn't,” Ross said.

Metro Nashville Police said Montano has been committed to psychiatric facilities in the past and had been living on the streets.

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