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Construction leads to traffic tie-up in Southington, Wolcott

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A little road construction in the towns of Wolcott and Southington is causing a big commotion for neighbors in those towns. 

“It’s a big mess,” John Testa‎, of Wolcott, said.  

For the last two weeks, Testa told Eyewitness News he has seen the traffic back up in front of his home on Route 322 at Meriden Road. 

“Nobody is going to stop to let you out,” Testa said. “Cars are honking their horns and screaming at one another and somebody is going to get hurt.”

Testa added that “sometimes you even get out of your own driveway.”  

According to Testa, he's worried about drivers along his street getting hurt as they turn onto Meriden Road. Testa said they often speed and the problem has only gotten worse in the last two weeks.

“There's been two or three accidents here already,” Testa said. 

Part of the reason for the uptick in traffic on Route 322 is because the town of Wolcott is in the process of resurfacing Lower County Road.   

“It is an inconvenience ‎and it's going to always happen with construction, but we have to do it,” Wolcott Mayor Thomas Dunn‎ said.

Dunn told Eyewitness News the town of Southington is also doing another road project in the area of School Street. As a result, traffic is being redirected onto Route 322 or E Street. Dunn admits this is a dangerous intersection. 

“We've discussed this with the state,” Dunn‎ said.  “And they've basically told us there's nothing they can do.”

Connecticut Department of Transportation officials told Eyewitness News they have received a complaint about the intersection and it is evaluating be the best way to make the intersection safer.

State officials said they putting a red light at the intersection would cause more problems for truckers in the winter since they'll be forced to stop on a hill. 

“I don't think having an officer here would be the answer,” Dunn said. “It's the traffic coming up the mountain. You just can't see it.”

Testa said he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt

Traffic in the area will begin to die down in a couple of weeks after both of the projects are completed.

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