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Animal advocates want feds to criminalize 'crushing'

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal proposes making 'crushing' a federal crime. (WFSB) Sen. Richard Blumenthal proposes making 'crushing' a federal crime. (WFSB)

Animal advocates and lawmakers called for the federal government to criminalize a form of animal abuse called “crushing.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal called crushing the “maiming and torturing” of animals on video. Those videos are then distributed online.

He said he introduced the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act earlier this summer.

“In 2010, Congress passed legislation criminalizing the creation and distribution of videos showing animals being crushed, drowned, burned and suffocated, but it unfortunately allowed the people who actually inflict barbaric harm on animals to walk free,” Blumenthal said. “This bipartisan bill - the first to outlaw animal cruelty at the federal level - states emphatically that these heinous acts are inhumane, illegal and intolerable in a civilized society.”

Blumenthal said called it appalling that the acts go unpunished.

He said even though there could be overwhelming evidence that torture is taking place, federal law enforcement is unable to protect animals from abuse or even arrest known abusers.

"My proposal would make it a felony punishable by seven years in prison to engage in acts of maiming and torturing animals" Blumenthal said. "Very simply, anyone who does those practices, as well as makes videos of them, ought to be punished criminally under federal law."

Blumenthal, representatives from the Humane Society and UConn Law School and other animal advocates were on hand for a news conference on Monday at the Tyler Regional Animal Care Shelter in South Windsor.

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