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CPR training for Eversource workers comes in handy

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CPR training for Eversource workers comes in handy (WFSB) CPR training for Eversource workers comes in handy (WFSB)

Eversource Energy workers go through CPR training every year, but they said they never thought they would use it.

However, just one week ago, that experience likely saved a Massachusetts baby’s life.

Last week in Massachusetts a baby was drowning. An Eversource crew in the area saw her panicked mother and rushed over.

"I saw the condition of the baby. I picked up the baby and started doing CPR and as I was doing the compression she started to throw up a little bit of water,” said Tony Depina of Eversource. “I just turned her on her side held her head back and kept doing CPR.”

After the baby was saved, an official said workers in Connecticut were told about the case and were reminded why the training is so important.

Paul Bouchard has taken the course seven times.

“It's required training for certification every year,” Bouchard said.

The training is useful for when a worker might have to save a co-worker’s life in the event he or she stops breathing.

“It could be helpful in any situation at any time,” said Barry Lockwood, an Eversource lineman.

Several years ago, Lockwood was in Bristol when he saw a jogger abruptly collapse.

“When I stared in the rearview mirror and she just almost took a nosedive into the street,” Lockwood said.

He and a neighbor were able to revive her.

“At firs,t she was breathing and then her eyes rolled into the back her head. I started doing compressions, he started doing mouth-to-mouth,” Lockwood said.

The breaths of air into her lungs would keep her going until police and EMS arrived. The woman survived the incident.

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