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Woman flashes judge during bond hearing

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A Florida woman nearly bared it all during a bond hearing on Thursday.

While sitting in the court dock, Susan Marie Surrette pulled up her shirt and flashed the judge.

Judge John Hurley was presiding at the time.

The questions asked to Surrette were typical, but the encounter wasn’t.

Hurley asked her what she did for work.

Surrette responded by saying she was a hair dresser. However, officials said that was just one of the things she does.

Surrette then revealed her other job.

“I’m Kayla Kupcakes,” she said. “I’m an escort too.”

She said she has a website to prove it. It advertises Surrette as a porn star, escort and private dancer with a knack for some fetishes.

Surrette then proceeded to complain about police brutality and sought to show the evidence.

“I’ve been beaten up by police,” she explained.

That’s when she pulled up her shirt

“Oh my Lord,” the judge said.

After flashing the judge, Surrette told him she has a medical condition.

"She's somebody that needs help,” Surrette’s attorney said. “She's not going to get the help that she needs at the jail."

Hurley set Surrette’s bond for her disorderly intoxication charge and dismissed her.

Hurley has since gained an online following thanks to the webcam that captured this and other bizarre encounters in his courtroom.

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