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Bears cool off in family's pool

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A family in New Jersey said they received a frightening yet fun surprise earlier this week.

A family of bears beat the summer heat by taking a dip in a backyard pool.

The whole thing was caught on camera by a family in Rockaway Township.

"I thought they would get a drink or just drink out of it for a minute and then move on,” said Tim Basso, the pool’s owner. “But they pretty much started climbing."

Basso said his first thought was of his own family.

"My first thought was really?” he said. “Where is the dog and where are the kids?"

Basso said his wife whipped out the video camera and recorded images of the mama bear and her five cubs.

"They're definitely cute,” Basso said. “They're fun to watch after, in retrospect, but while it was happening mostly I was just disappointed."

Basso said he called 911 and officers arrived, but there was little they could do. The bears simply continued to cool off and check out the swings and other toys.

"They came in, they experienced the pool, they got it, they seemed to enjoy themselves, did a little bit of damage on the pool toys and floats and whatnot, but all in all I don't think it was a terrible experience," he said.

The mother bear and her cubs couldn’t get enough. Basso said they stayed for nearly an hour.

He said the pool did survive the encounter. However, training boards and floaties did not.

Basso said if the bears do make a return, he’s just going to grin and “bear” it.

"This specific situation was anything but normal,” he said. “This was weird."

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