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Dog abandoned in Bethlehem gets rescued

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Dog abandoned in Bethlehem gets rescued (WFSB) Dog abandoned in Bethlehem gets rescued (WFSB)

A troubling animal abuse case out of Bethlehem has a happy ending.

An abandoned dog covered in maggots and a swatch of matted fur was rescued.

The dog was found in some bushes on Carmel Hill Road North on Wednesday afternoon. She was neglected and frightened and Animal Control Officer Judy Umstead was called immediately.

“It just made me cry...she was in such bad shape...she was laying on her side, panting. The matts, you couldn't even tell what kind of dog she was,” Umstead said.

She rushed the dog to the emergency vet for treatment and veterinarians shaved 10 pounds of thick, matted fur, exposing her raw sores.

“It took several hours to shave her before they could even do any treatment,” Umstead said.

Infections from urine scalds and maggots burrowed in her fur, covering her body, and she suffered chronic ear infections.

“People didn't have to let her get this way. It shouldn't happen. It's not fair to the dog and it is animal cruelty,” Umstead said.

She added that there has been a rise in the number of dogs dumped in Woodbridge and Bethlehem, which are the two towns she covers.

“All of a sudden we're getting dogs dumped in both of our towns...and I'm not sure where they're coming from,” Umstead said.

The dog that was abandoned doesn’t have a name yet but she does have a brighter future.

“Once we control the infection and keep her hydrated, I think she'll do just fine,” said Dr. Steven Price of Watertown Animal Hospital.

The vet bills are piling up and anyone looking to help can make donations to the Watertown Animal Hospital which can be contacted via phone at 860-274-2212 or head to their website by clicking here.

Running for Rescues has helped pay down some of the vet bills.

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