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Customers are stocking up on firewood for winter

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Customers are stocking up on firewood for winter (WFSB) Customers are stocking up on firewood for winter (WFSB)

Even as the summer sun beats down, firewood contractors have been busy this summer getting customers ready for winter.

"The last few winters have been so treacherous and sometimes you can't get the wood in the winter because the snow is 3 feet deep and you can't get to it.  And the quality in the wintertime isn't as good,” said Michael Naumowitz, of Shoreline Tree Experts.

He said the orders started coming in months ahead of schedule.

Customer Ron Olansen said he has already taken three deliveries of three cords of firewood.

"That should take us through the winter.  Last year we got two cords it wasn't quite enough,” Olansen said.

Customers want seasoned wood. Firewood that is dry and has very little moisture to keep a home warm this winter.

"My wood is custom split and they like that. It's cleaner. It’s the right length and right size for what they want,” said Michael Naumowitz Jr.

Depending on where a customer is in Connecticut, they will pay between $200 and $300 for one cord of wood.

This is equal to about 108 gallons of home heating oil, which costs $1.79 to $2.65 per gallon. So, $108 gallons of oil will cost between $194 and $286 before taxes, almost the same as a cord of wood.

If you're heating your home with wood pellets, you'll burn about three tons this heating season.

Customers are also ordering those earlier than usual.

"They're just getting them early because there was an issue in getting them last year,” said Dean Tine of Montville Hardware. “So if they're getting them ahead of time they won't be out of them."

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