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'Farcing' scam targets social media users and their friends lists

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According to the Better Business Bureau, “farcing” involves a criminal “friending” a victim through a phony social media account to steal their identity.

The victim is then fooled into giving up personal information. From there, other people on the victim’s friends list can be lured into "friending" the same criminal and the scam continues.

The BBB said those using farcing can learn a great deal about individuals and their friends depending on what the victims share through their social media accounts.

The info they snatch can include names, academic histories, hometowns, employment records, relatives’ names, pets and so forth.

From there, it’s not that hard to obtain telephone numbers, home addresses and salary information.

As a result, the BBB said the victim’s identity could be stolen.

The BBB said it has seen this activity take place over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Officials said users should be selective over who they accept on friends lists. Users are also recommended to tighten their privacy settings and limit the amount of information that they share on profiles.

It also warned that some of the information posted on people’s profiles can be used in password-reset questions. Hometowns and pet names are popular choices for questions that can be guessed with information posted to profiles.

More information about popular scams and how to protect yourself can be found on the BBB’s website here.

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