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With another hot week on tap, doctors continue to warn about hot car dangers

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With the heat continuing into next week, doctors are once again issuing a warning to parents about the dangers of leaving babies and young children in hot vehicles.

Physicians said that any amount of time, especially on a warm day, is unacceptable.

"As the temperature gets warmer outside, temperatures have clocked inside a car at 160 degrees," said Dr. Michele Petrucelli of Hartford Hospital.

They said it's not that babies heat up more quickly, it's that they can't cool down as fast as adults. Dangerous situations can escalate in just a few minutes.

"Before it even gets to life-threatening, is excessive sweating," Petrucelli said. "Then you could see things like panting, rapid heartbeat, nausea [and] vomiting."

She also said they don't have the ability to cool down as fast as adults.

"They don't produce sweat in the same manner as adults because their sweat glands are smaller, and they also have a smaller blood volume so they can't get rid of the heat as quickly pumping from the core of their body to their extremities," Petrucelli said.

Doctors said parents shouldn't be afraid to give their children a cool shower, bath or cool mist water spray throughout the day.

For those who are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, Petrucelli suggested "small frequent feedings more than normal so that they can stay hydrated."

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