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Video shows the dangers of texting and driving

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Video shows the dangers of texting and driving (WFSB) Video shows the dangers of texting and driving (WFSB)

With one of the busiest travel weekends around the corner, some Connecticut partners are looking to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. 

They're doing it through a video that’s already been seen by thousands and being shared on social media.

 People often hear about the dangers of texting and driving, but seeing what can actually happen is what officials are hoping really hits home for teens and people of all ages.

"It was a really powerful story to tell,” Silent Partner Marketing President Kyle Reyes said.

The video shows a typical day for Carley Jagel, who is a senior at East Catholic High School. She is hanging out with her family.  She gives her mom and dad a big hug before heading out the door.

However, no one anticipating what will happen next.

"It only takes one second,” Reyes said. “It takes one second of distracted driving to lose everything. It takes one moment to change your entire world."

The video then shows Jagel texting and driving before crashing her vehicle.

The screen goes black before a state trooper shows up at the Jagel household to deliver the devastating news.

Thankfully for them, this crash isn't real life.

"It was really emotional,” Jagel said. “I was sitting in the kitchen when the police officer knocked on the door and my mom answered it. She actually started to cry and my aunt was sitting next to me and she started to bawl."

State police, East Catholic High School, Monaco Ford and the Silent Partner Marketing teamed up to produce the video, which is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.

They said they hope the powerful video entitled "the Moment the World Changed" shows teens they are not invincible.

"I hope students can see that it can happen anywhere,” Jagel said. “It can happen at any school and any town and just because you've been driving for 6 years or you've been driving your life. It doesn't make a difference because you're just as vulnerable as someone else."

The video ends with a final message: “please don’t text and drive.  Too many people need you."

Driving home the point, a ticket is the least of your concerns.

"Somebody could lose their life that leaves behind parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, younger siblings, older siblings,” Senior Trooper Kelly Grant with the Connecticut State Police said. “It affects everyone.  It has a ripple effect."

If you’d like to check out the entire video or share it with friends and family, click here.

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