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Artist sculpts new future in Chester art show

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Depending on the day, many people have probably thought about quitting their job and starting all over again.

That is the theme of a show in Chester, where the artist is becoming a new man, later in life.

Richard Newton, of Killingworth, is a 63-year-old sculptor, but it is a relatively new career.

He made a name for himself over the decades through designing magazine covers for almost every mainstream publication, and even advertisements for airlines, Mars Bars, and romance novel covers.

"The questions started to pop up in my mind of ‘is, was that work satisfying to me creatively?’ Professionally, yes. But creatively, ultimately, no,” Newton said.

So, he put that aside and over the past five months he has been working on steel pieces that now hang inside a synagogue on East Kings Highway in Chester.

It is his first show featuring his works of art, and is called “Becoming.”

He said it "represents the transformation that I've experienced as an artist but more significantly, that word represents the transformation that's happening to all of us."

Longtime friend of Newton, photographer Salem Krieger, documented Newton’s creative process in pictures that hang as part of the show.

"Oh, they're great. Richard's a great subject and it's very dynamic when I watch him work,” Krieger said. "Being here has just been great because the one main thing that's great is helping my friend and being in collaboration in the creative process is just a very expansive thing to work that way."

Together they set up the show last week, and while any artist hopes to sell their work, Newton may encourage people to sculpt a new life.

"When people think about the energy it might take to make a career change, that's there for me because I love what I'm doing, I'm very excited about it. So no problem to make the change now,” Newton said.

The show opened on Sunday and will be open for at least the next three months.

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