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Soon-to-be Yard Goats home a 'feeding ground' for burglars, police say

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What will soon be the new stadium for the Hartford Yard Goats baseball team has become a feeding ground for burglars, according to police.

They are requesting that officers pay extra attention to the former Windsor Street area, between Trumbull and Pleasant Streets.

"We take off, we come back and the tools are gone,” Dell Soctomah of Center Earth said. “They're busting into the trailers, had to put a bunch of grates on the windows last week.”

Police said people have broken into office trailers and work boxes and taken expensive tools and equipment. The burglars even used a microwave to heat up and eat frozen dinners left behind by crews.

The area is extremely dark and does not see any pedestrian or vehicle traffic, which is what’s making the area attractive to burglars, police said. The fence around the property also has a number of gaps that make it easy for people to enter.

Workers said the thefts are slowing down the process of building a new stadium.

"Not having our equipment is killing us,” said worker Mike Croke.

The superintendent said it’s happened at least a half dozen times in the last six weeks. Just this weekend, about $4,200 in tools disappeared, according to workers.

"Peoples' personal tools are being stolen, pouches, hand tools,” Croke said.

Soctomah said even power tools are being stolen and they have to go out and get new ones.

“Go to the store, take a list and write down what we lost, and gotta replace it,” Soctomah said.

For now, workers said they're sharing tools until new orders come in.

"It’s not appreciated. This is our livelihood,” Croke said.  [We] do this for a living, to feed our families. This hurts us.”

Soctomah had some advice for the thieves.

“You're gunna get caught.  [There’s] so much attention on it right now,” he said. “It's just a matter of time, get a job!" 

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