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Stratford football coach suspended 2 games after turf burns athletes

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Stratford High School (WFSB) Stratford High School (WFSB)
TJ Cavaliere ( TJ Cavaliere (

A high school football coach in Stratford is in hot water after six players burned their hands during practice on Monday.

A player told CBS News 16 that his teammates required first aid on Monday after a drill designed to punish the team for poor behavior.

Coach TJ Cavaliere told players to do an exercise called "crabbing” where you crawl on the ground backwards on your hands.

The exercise resulted in burns and blisters for some. Temperatures were 90 degrees on Monday.

Cavaliere has since apologized.

Some parents have complained while others support the coach.

"Coach Cav already admitted that he thought it was in poor judgment,” Mary Sue Baricko, who is a player's mother, said. “I believe in him."

According to School Superintendent Janet Robinson, Cavaliere has been suspended for two games, which means he can't participate in practices or games for the next two weeks.

The Department of Children and Families has also been notified.

Cavaliere has been involved in coaching for a few years, Robinson said, and he also teaches social studies in town.

It is unclear when the hurt players will be able to play in their upcoming game. Also, most players were wearing gloves that practice so they were not hurt.

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