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Hanging wire blocks driveway in Hartford

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Hanging wire blocks driveway in Hartford (WFSB) Hanging wire blocks driveway in Hartford (WFSB)

One woman said she feels trapped in her Hartford home because of a low hanging wire that's blocking her driveway.

Homeowner Florence Gregory said the wire has been hanging over her driveway on Tower Avenue for weeks.

Gregory said the wire is hanging so low, cars can't get in and out of the driveway easily. The wire was even lower at one point.

Gregory said she just wants it gone.

“Nobody has given an explanation,” she said. “Everybody is just making excuses and pointing the finger at the next one.”

Gregory said she is caught in the middle of a nasty blame game and doesn't know which company is responsible for this sagging wire.

Several weeks ago, she found wire on the ground and called police. Eversource was the first to respond.

“When Eversource came, they just pushed it up a little because they said it's not theirs,” Gregory said.

Eversource officials told her it wasn't a live wire and in fact, it was a cable. They said the cable belonged to either frontier or comcast.

“Everybody is denying the fact that the wire belongs to them,” Gregory said.

Gregory said she called Eyewitness News to track it down. Frontier crews made it to Tower Avenue within an hour. Two crews went up the pole, ready to fix it, until they determined it belonged to Comcast.

Two of its crews came late Thursday afternoon to inspect it as the back and forth continued. They insisted it doesn't belong to them.

“I'm getting the run around and I'm tired of it,” Gregory said. “I don't care as long as they fix it.”

Until they do, it's making it tough for Gregory to get around. She now parks on the street.

“I'm afraid the van will tear it down,” Gregory said.

Eyewitness News placed additional calls to both companies in hopes of getting this resolved. As of 4:45 p.m., crews were on their way and they promise it will get fixed before the day is over.

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