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Rotting fish found at popular pond in Southington

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Dead fish were found in Southington. (WFSB) Dead fish were found in Southington. (WFSB)

Dozens of dead fish were found floating to the surface of a popular pond in Southington.

Officials said it's the after effects of the recent heatwave and the dry summer.        

A good part of the pond at Southington Recreation Park is covered in algae. The algae sucks up the oxygen, which suffocates the fish. If the wind blows in a certain direction, it can be suffocating for the average park goer too.

Rotting fish covered in thick green algae were part of the disgusting sights and smells are coming from Southington Recreation Park, greeting visitors such as Mary Murphy and her daughter Abby.

Mary Murphy, of Southington, said they're sticking to the tennis courts on Friday and not venturing to the pond.

“The pond is low,” Mary Murphy said. “We haven't had any rain, except for yesterday.”

Town officials said that's the problem. The dry summer lead to shallow levels that heated the water quicker and it became the perfect growing conditions for algae.

“There's not a whole lot of oxygen for the fish,” Murphy said. “Plenty for the algae, but that's what's killing the fish, no doubt.”

At the height of the heat wave, the fish started dying off in mass amounts. Small fish, big fish, not many were spared.

“I know that there are some real large lunkers in there,” Murphy said.

Families aren't being spared from the smells. Meriden resident Dan McGinnis and his son Dan Jr. were at the playscape right next to the pond on Friday. They witnessed ecology up close.

“It shouldn't take that long to clean it up, get a couple of nets out there and clean it up,” McGinnis said.

Eyewitness News spoke with town officials and they say for now, they plan to let nature take its course. As more rain is expected, town officials said they're hoping it'll clear out on its own, but they will be monitoring the conditions each day.

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