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Accusations leveled against Bristol landlord

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Anthony Cammariere Anthony Cammariere

Time and time again, Bristol residents were kicked out of their homes with nowhere to go.

The innocent rent-paying tenants found themselves on the street because their buildings had to be condemned, and many said it was all part of the master plan of the building owner Anthony Cammariere.

“There's obviously some who aren't supporters of me. You can't make everyone happy,” Cammariere said in a summer interview with Eyewitness News.

At least three of Cammariere’s buildings have been condemned and torn down this year, because Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne said they were not being kept up to code.

“It's a shell game, he got caught in it, and I can tell you, we're not backing down,” Cockayne said.

Cammariere has already been arrested several times on code enforcement violations, but some said minus those arrests, neglecting buildings has been Cammariere’s business plan all along.

“City officials, other landlords, people kind of noticed him and noticed his partners from New York and what they were doing as far as buying these dilapidated buildings and keeping them in that dilapidated state and kind of making them worse,” said a former investor who had business dealings with Cammariere, and wanted to keep his identity protected.

He said Cammariere and his associates have been buying buildings, intentionally running them into the ground, hoping for a foreclosure just so they could buy them from the bank at a cheaper price under a different LLC.

A business model like this crushes tenants, many of whom are low-income and looking for affordable housing.

Also, out-of-state investors said they are getting scammed too because they are on the hook for these buildings.

Sources said Cammariere advertises in New York, looking for people who want to invest without having the hassle of managing the properties themselves.

Eyewitness News searched through records and found that 12 Park St. was bought in 2002 by Carcam Corp., with president Anthony Cammariere.

In 2003, it was taken over by Sierra Property Management, where Cammariere is listed as an agent.

In 2008, it was taken over by a Brooklyn man named Herman Ackerman. He bought it for $190,000. One year later, the bank foreclosed and Cammariere bought it in 2010 for $51,000.

Sources said with Cammariere tied to one dozen active and a half dozen dissolved LLC’s, it has happened to multiple properties.

Eyewitness News also learned another former investor filed a formal police complaint and the department has opened a criminal investigation.

Sources said a computer seized from Cammariere’s High Street office this summer was related to the case.

Cammariere didn’t return requests for comments.

Sources said once the city started cracking down, partners in this plan started leaving town and possibly the business.

Many of the LLCs have since dissolved.

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