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It's not too late to prepare for the Eversource Hartford Marathon 5k

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Courtney Zieller is getting ready to run. (WFSB) Courtney Zieller is getting ready to run. (WFSB)

The Eversource Hartford Marathon is less than a month away and anyone who thinks it’s too late to run at least the 5k race may want to think again.

Channel 3 is one of the sponsors of the event and a number of WFSB personalities will be taking part in the races.

Luckily it’s not too late to prepare for at least the 5k.

Coach James McKirdy suggested that before runners start a workout, they get the blood flowing and raise the body temperature.

He recommended quick drills like jogging with high knees, heel kicks and skipping for 10 seconds in each direction.

 Then, McKirdy said, they are reading to pound the pavement.

Runners don’t have to run the full 3.1 miles at once. They can gradually increase their activity level every week until the race.

“It doesn't matter if it's 20 minutes or 45 minutes just move,” McKirdy said. “Run, walk, run, walk. It doesn't matter, just get out there.”

McKirdy suggested running for a few minutes, then walking for a few minutes, three to four days a week.

Although race day is just under a month away, runners can still have a good race.

“You may have lost fitness over the last three months or six months and that's all right,” McKirdy said. “But go in there with expectations of finishing the event.”

Whether runners are new or elite, McKirdy had some good advice for everyone.

“Always be able to say your address at all times,” he recommended. “That's a great way to make sure you're not going overboard especially within that first mile. That way you can finish the race strong.”

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