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Doctors: Many women choosing to have C-sections

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A recent study by the World Health Organization shows that more and more women are choosing to have a C-section over a vaginal birth and scheduling when to have their babies.

While there are a lot of things to consider, doctors are asking parents to consider the risks before going under the knife.

Over the past two decades, experts have seen a rise in the number of cesarean deliveries.

“There are many things you need to realize as far as a C-section over a vaginal delivery,” said Dr. Christopher Morosky with the UConn Health Center

Doctors said about one out of every three deliveries are C-sections.

While sometimes C-sections are necessary for the health of the mother and baby, doctors said they are seeing some parents choosing to schedule one early for non-medical reasons. They said that may not be the best idea for baby.

“There's a significant amount of development that occurs during those last two weeks,” Morosky said.

According to the March of Dimes, the last few weeks of pregnancy are key to a baby's brain development.

The lungs are also still developing and babies born early are more likely to have breathing issues. They may also have trouble feeding and keeping warm.

Doctors said the biggest draw for having a C-section is convenience.

“Whether it be their work schedule, other times people are trying to schedule it around when they're partner can be present for the delivery,” Morosky said.

That's not the only reason.   

“There are also certain cultural beliefs that get into the day and the time of the month that is more fortunate than others to have a baby,” Morosky said.

Ellington resident Erin Jones is with the March of Dimes, which is an organization that is working to reduce the number of C-sections performed for non-medical reasons.

“We want every mom to have a healthy pregnancy but a healthy and happy birth experience,” Jones said. “So what we know is when women have a C-section there's more risk for infection, its major abdominal surgery.”

At the end of the day, it's a parent's decision. A decision that's best made after some conversation with their doctor.  

Some scheduled deliveries are a tough call. There have been cases when one of the parents becomes terminally ill and delivering early may be there only chance to meet their baby.

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