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Bristol classroom to be cleaned after reported case of scabies

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South Side School (WFSB) South Side School (WFSB)

Parents in the Bristol Public Schools are being warned about one child possibly having scabies.

A letter from Bristol-Burlington Health District was sent out to parents on Tuesday.

It is unclear how many students were impacted but Eyewitness News was told it was a classroom at South Side School.

"It's a little concerning. We've been here two years and there's never been any major outbreak of any diseases," said parent Ewa Torres.

Health district officials said scabies is an infestation of small insects called mites that spread from person-to-person. The bugs are spread through such items as bedding, clothing and towels.

"Mostly upset that we weren't aware of it to understand what measures were being taken, if the kids needed to stay home, or what was being done by the school," said parent April Rustic.

Health district officials warned residents that anyone can get scabies and it is not related to personal hygiene, age or homes.

Signs of scabies are rash or severe itching. People will see rash or red bumps on fingers, toes, wrist area and other areas.

Dr. Frank Santoro of Hartford Healthcare said it can take one or two months for scabies symptoms to show up.

"It's common enough in both adults and kids. We see it in children more commonly because kids are constantly touching each other," Santoro said.

School officials in Bristol said the affected classroom will be “thoroughly cleaned” because scabies is contagious. Following the cleanup, school officials said they will monitor that classroom.

The affected student will be able to return to school after being treated by a health care provider.

Anyone with any questions is advised to contact their local principal or school nurse.

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