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Hartford group works to raise awareness about suicide

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Hartford group works to raise awareness about suicide (WFSB) Hartford group works to raise awareness about suicide (WFSB)

A transgender woman is teaming up with Hartford-based Latino Community Services to send a strong message through 'Project Pride.'

September is Suicide Awareness Month, which is a sensitive topic that touches all kinds of communities.

Mia Monroe, 21, is a transgender woman from Hartford and was asked to act in a video that she said tells her story, and the story of so many others.

"A lot of hate comes from people who don't understand,” Monroe said. "I had a blessed life, but something wasn't correct. I felt I wasn't in the right body, I knew in my soul, I was a girl."

Until recently, Monroe, like many others, struggled.

"I remember going to my room, saying ‘God, I wish I could be a girl,’ but again society and being gay or transgender, not allowed and not in my house, so I went through a lot of darkness and sadness," she said.

Monroe has a voice that is helping to send a strong message to others, after teaming up with Latino Community Services, an organization working to raise awareness.

Project Coordinator for Latino Community Services Yvonne Toro-Wilson said  45 percent of individuals who commit suicide are African American, and 44 percent are Latino men.

"That's my goal and mission not for anyone to go through it alone. I went through it and I want to help,” Monroe said.

The video by Felix K. Dones has already received a lot of positive feedback, and a few thousand “Likes” and “Shares” on Facebook.

"Acceptance with everyone and not just within the LGBT community, everyone wants to be accepted, starting at the sand box,” Toro-Wilson said.

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